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About Bakers Coaches

Our family coach company started 40 years ago with Barry Baker at the helm and has grown with success over the years. We now have the people, the skills, the experience, the infrastructure, the vehicles and the financial resources to run our coach company exactly the way a coach company should be run.


For our customers this means top quality service in every respect, with comfort, safety and value for money our top priorities.


Our office headquarters in Yeovil, Somerset, includes engineering facilities where we maintain our own vehicles to the highest standards.


All our experienced management staff are based here too.


Situated just on the Somerset and Dorset border, it's the perfect location, allowing our coaches quick and easy access to our clients across the area and beyond.

Our Drivers

Bakers Coaches are a team of smart, professional drivers. The technical challenge of driving and navigating a twelve metre vehicle on our increasingly busy roads is just part of the equation. People skills are equally important to us.


Managing the progress of a journey, whatever the occasion from weddings to day trips to holidays in Great Britain or Europe, requires confident decision making and people handling skills, together with a positive, honest, family based attitude.

Our Management

Our management team is highly experienced. Many of our senior staff are experienced coach drivers, so they understand every aspect of the coach hire business from the ground up.

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